A View From Both Sides- Parent and Teacher

February 23, 2013

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Happy Long Weekend! October 6, 2012

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Fall is in the air and its a 3 day weekend…What are your traditions?


Teachers…do you get stuck in the “theme” of the month routine? October 1, 2012

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For 9 years as a lead Preschool/Pre-K teacher, I have been so focused on themes each month and they just became routine. It wasn’t that this is what the children were interested in learning, it was a certain month and certain themes had to be implemented, right? Wrong! This is the first school year I have had the opportunity to change all that.

September has always been apples, red and circles (even my wedding that was in September 2007, even though my favorite color is blue, I went with the color apple red, I know, that’s just crazy!) Well this past September the focus was All About Me, “I CAN…” Fall nature items and fall colors in nature. I just started apples today (October 1st) when the children said they were interested in exploring apples and I have to say Morning Meeting lasted 30 minutes today! The children were involved and engaged in the activitiesI presented and we had a great discussion! We are continuing with the fall nature “theme” this month and will do exploring pumpkins but will do much more depending on child interest.

Has anyone ever felt stuck in the theme routine? Were you able to get out of it after so long or are you looking for ideas. It’s ok to think outside the box…apples are still around in October and red is a fall, holiday and Valentines color…Be creative and have fun…Don’t forget to ask your class what they are interested in, you’ll be surprised! My class wants to learn about big catsand wildlife, so let me tell you, I’ve been doing my homework so they will have a fun time in the coming months!


Are you a Parent, a Teacher or Both? Take the poll! September 30, 2012

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Welcome! September 29, 2012

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Welcome to my blog! I will be sharing and opening discussions as I journey through being a Full Time Preschool Teacher and Full time Mom of a Preschooler and an Infant.

I have been working with children for 17 years (since I was 16). My experiences have been as an Assistant Preschool Teacher, Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher, Lead Pre-K Teacher, K-12 Substitute Teacher, a Lead Preschool Teacher and 3 years ago I became a Mom for the first time.

Now having my daughter start Preschool is opening a whole new world for me, I am not just a preschool Teacher but I am now a parent of a Preschooler. Plus having an infant son and seeing the dynamics between the two are amazing. I’d love for you to share your thoughts with me! Ideas and views on Parenting, Teaching or both are welcome!

Stay Tuned…


Open House

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How do you feel when you go to your childs school Open House?

This school¬†year I met Allie’s new Preschool Teacher and being one myself it was hard. Listening to what was going on in the classroom was interesting because I do the same thing. I’ve been doing this for so long and now to be on the other side too is a big change. Open House for work is coming up soon, so now being on the teacher end is easy for me and I love the parent interaction.

Is anyone else a teacher in the same or similar situation? Or are you a parent wanting to know what to say or ask your childs new teacher? Just remember if you have a question about your childs education, NEVER hesitate to ask!


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